Utelite Garden Soil Products are available for purchase at select local Utah nurseries, garden centers and landscape supply yards.

Bagged Products

Utelite Soil Conditioner and Utelite Soil Builder Max are available in easy to handle bags at most independent nurseries and garden centers. See listing below.

Bulk Products

Utelite bulk products are available at most independent landscape supply stores and select garden centers. See listing below.

 Bulk Soil Conditioner

Glover Nursery

Replenish Garden Products

Staker Parson Landscape Center


Park City Nursery

The Dirt Bag

 Bagged Soil Conditioner

IFA Country Stores

Steve Regan Co.

Glover Nursery

J & J Garden Center

Anderson Seed & Garden Store

Western Garden Center

Millcreek Gardens

 Bulk Soil Builder Max

Staker Parson Landscape Center

 Bagged Soil Builder Max

IFA Country Stores

Steve Regan Co

 Bulk Root Zone Mix

American Fork IFA Country Store

 Bagged HydroGro Select

Moonlight Garden Supply