Concrete and Aggregate Testing
ASTM C173 Roll-o-Meter
Dr. Jason Ideker of Oregon State University on ASR

Concrete Masonry
ESCS Concrete Masonry

Engineered Soils & Designer Growing Media

Joy Bossi talks about Utelite Soil Conditioner for your gardens
Pro Tip: Utelite Soil Conditioner
Successful Urban Tree Planting
Urban Tree Plantings with Structural Soil

Internal Curing
Utelite Aggregates used for the Internal Curing of Concrete
World of Concrete Educational Sessions – Internal Curing Modules (2019)
Dr. Jason Weiss of Purdue University on Internal Curing
Internal Curing – Why you should use it

Structural Lightweight Concrete
Structural Lightweight Concrete Used in Intermountain Medical Center Construction
Pumping Lightweight Concrete

Road Maintenance
Utelite Chip Seal Aggregate



Economics Of Structural Lightweight Concrete
Discovery of Manufactured ESCS Aggregates 



Service Life Prediction of Structural Lightweight Concrete Using Transport Properties
Five Story Commercial Building Study