Concrete and Aggregate Testing
ASTM C173 Roll-o-Meter
Dr. Jason Ideker of Oregon State University on ASR

Concrete Masonry
ESCS Concrete Masonry

Engineered Soils & Designer Growing Media

Joy Bossi talks about Utelite Soil Conditioner for your gardens
Pro Tip: Utelite Soil Conditioner
Successful Urban Tree Planting

Internal Curing
Utelite Aggregates used for the Internal Curing of Concrete
World of Concrete Educational Sessions – Internal Curing Modules (2019)
Dr. Jason Weiss of Purdue University on Internal Curing
Internal Curing – Why you should use it

Road Maintenance
Utelite Chip Seal Aggregate



Economics Of Structural Lightweight Concrete
Discovery of Manufactured ESCS Aggregates 



Five Story Commercial Building Study