Utelite Arena Blend

Utelite Arena Blend

Is your riding arena hard and unworkable? Is it excessively dusty?

Standard sand or clay soils can be very dusty and have a tendency to harden, or cake. Adding ArenaBlend Arena Conditioner will significantly reduce dust and prevent your arena from hardening or caking and will keep the soil loose and workable.

ArenaBlend is available in bulk, and is typically delivered by semi or dump truck load. Because of its light weight, you receive approximately twice the volume per truck load versus standard sand.

Although application rates can vary by location, tilling or harrowing 1-2 inches of ArenaBlend Conditioner into the top 3-6 inches of your arena’s top layer is a good rule of thumb.

  • ArenaBlend also makes an excellent bedding material that can be used under or in place of saw dust or shavings. It is free draining, easy to clean, and requires much less maintenance as it does not break down.
  • ArenaBlend horse stall bedding material is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor stalls.

Utelite ArenaBlend can amend native soils to create a quality usable arena. ArenaBlend breaks up hard clay, improves drainage after rain or snow and reduces dust. Spend less time watering and working your arena and more time enjoying it with ArenaBlend.


“I wanted to thank you for the awesome Arena Blend at Heber Arena. We could not have had such a great race without everyone’s help. I didn’t knowing how to keep the ground consistent throughout the days, or how much water to add. In 20+ years as a professional barrel racer I have never seen such consistent and safe ground. Less water was used, less tractor time, less dust. I cannot thank you enough for you help.”-Annie Rose, Utah Barrel Racing Association

“After a lot of research and development on your part, you came through with a product we really felt we could use. You did a wonderful job in recommending the mixture with our soil, and with your expertise and hard work, our project came together better than we could have imagined.” -Jon P. Provost, Wasatch County Event Complex



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