Water Filtration

Water Filtration

ES Filter focuses on developing, marketing, and selling select lightweight ceramic media, under the ACT-MX trade name, for use in water/wastewater treatment.

Although these aggregates have been used in water/wastewater treatment in many areas throughout the world, they vary considerably in their physical and chemical properties, thus making their blanket usage inadvisable. Our facility is leading the way in research and development on the applications of the ACT-MX media in all facets of water/wastewater treatment. ACT-MX is available in the three standard sizes of ES-416, ES-450 and ES-580. Specifically, we are actively exploring how the differing properties of these aggregates can be perfected and translated into exciting and economic water/wastewater treatment processes.

ES Filter is also developing performance standards on the use of the ACT-MX media in order to ensure consistency in design and reliability in results.

ACT-MX Media Physico-Chemical Properties

Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate in Water Filtration