Utelite turf products promote deep, healthy root growth by providing adequate drainage, reducing nutrient loss, improving moisture retention and increasing resistance to compaction. In addition, Utelite products help quicken recovery from active use and play, limit damage from use during inclement weather and encourage an optimum playing surface that is safe and stable.

Utelite TopDress Turf Conditioner

Application: Athletic Fields, Sports Field, Turf Maintenance

Applied as a topdressing to recently mowed and aerated grass surfaces or mixed directly into the root zone soil prior to grass establishment.

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Utelite Root Zone Sand

Application: Athletic Fields, Sports Field

USGA graded sand root zone optimized with utelite vitrified shale conditioner to improve physical properties.

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Utelite Athletic Field Soil

Application: Athletic Fields, Sports Fields

Athletic field root zone soil optimized with utelite vitrified shale to improve physical properties.

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Utelite vitrified shale turf conditioner is either applied as topdressing or blended with the root zone soil. It ensures adequate flow of air and water through the soil profile limiting compaction and quickening recovery from play.


  • Hydraulic Conductivity: > 60 in/hr
  • Porosity: > 45%
  • Bulk Density: 50 – 55 lbs/cf
  • Water Retention: 15 – 25%