Soil Amending

Soil Amending

With today’s topsoil varying tremendously in their quality and consistency, landscape and garden professionals rely on Utelite soil products for cost-effective, long-term improvements to native soils. Amending native soil with Utelite soil products provides adequate drainage, reduces nutrient loss, improves moisture retention and increases resistance to compaction. Soils properly amended with Utelite soil products remain loose and non-compacted, allowing better penetration of air, water and nutrients encouraging deep, healthy root establishment.

Utelite Soil Conditioner

Application: Soil Amending, Soil Improvement, Turf Topdressing

Utelite Soil Conditioner is pure Utelite expanded shale. Incorporating the Soil Conditioner into heavy clay or compacted soils will provide an optimum environment for plant establishment and garden maintenance. The Soil Conditioner’s porous texture permanently breaks up clay soil, improving drainage so roots get enough oxygen for healthy growth.

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Utelite Soil Builder Max

Application: Soil Amending, Soil Improvement, Planters Pots, Raised Gardens

Utelite Soil Builder Max is a nutrient rich compost that improves soil structure, replenishes essential nutrients and provides important food for soil organisms. It contains humate to stimulate beneficial microbial activity, maintain soil moisture and help make nutrients more readily available to plant’s needs. Beneficial mycorrhizae improve root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients creating stronger root systems. Additionally, utelite clay busting granules keep the soil loose and workable, ensuring there is proper flow of air and water in the soil for deeper, stronger root development.

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Utelite soil amending products can be either mechanically premixed to create optimum soil blends or be mechanically tilled into existing soils. Generally, the addition of 20 – 30% of the specified soil amendment is added to the total soil volume.


  • Permanently breaks up clay soil
  • Restores gaps and pore spaces
  • Improves soil drainage and aeration
  • Increases moisture retention
  • Increase resistance to compaction
  • Encourages deep rooting
  • Leaves soil easier to work and maintain