Other Uses

Other Uses

Unlike any other roofing material, concrete roof tiles actually get better over time! Utelite lightweight expanded shale aggregates are continuing to play a major role for the lightweight roof tile industry in the West. Lightweight roof tiles made with Utelite will not wear out like asphalt shingles or wood shakes. Additionally, unlike asphalt shingles, if the roof is damaged, individual tiles are easily replaced without replacing entire roof sections. Lightweight roof tile with Utelite carries an Underwriters Laboratory Class A fire rating.

Other applications where the superior properties of Utelite ES lightweight aggregates include –

  • Concrete wall board
  • Refractory concretes
  • Paver sand
  • Bagged concrete mixes
  • Wood floor topping
  • EZ-Fill, bagged lightweight back fill

Just to name a few.

Anywhere sand or gravel is used, odds are Utelite ES aggregates will add value to your project!