Green Roof

Green Roof

A critical component to any green roof system or rooftop garden is a quality planting media. Utelite Lightweight Planting Media is an essential component to reduce weight and to ensure adequate moisture and nutrient retention, aeration, permeability and long term durability. Utelite lightweight planting media has been a successful part of many notable extensive and intensive green roof designs throughout the western United States. Utelite planting media is compatible with major green roof systems providers and is a preferred choice among designers for rooftop gardens.

Utelite Intensive Lightweight Planting Media

Application: Intensive Green Roof Systems, Rooftop Planters

An intensive green roof media consisting of expanded shale, sand and organic compost specifically designed for green roof systems, rooftop gardens and rooftop planters.

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Utelite Extensive Lightweight Planting Media

Application: Extensive Green Roof Systems

A green roof media consisting of expanded shale, sand and organic compost designed for green roof systems with less than 6” media depths.

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Utelite Lightweight Planting Mix 2-1-1

Application: Structural Plantings, Podium Planters

Native topsoil based media that is amended with expanded shale fines and organic compost to reduce weight and optimize the physical properties. This planting media is used in elevated plazas, structural plantings or podium plantings in place a normal weight, native soil.

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Utelite Lightweight Fill and Drainage Media

Application: Granular Drainage Layer, Lightweight Fill

A lightweight, granular media consisting of “coarse” graded expanded shale that is used to fill planter space in elevated plazas or rooftop planters.

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Utelite lightweight expanded shale is available in multiple sizes. It is easily blended with other soil components creating optimum planting media for green roof systems or rooftop gardens.


Maximum Media Densities

  • Expanded Shale Aggregate: 55 – 60 lbs/cf
  • Extensive Media: 65 – 75 lbs /cf
  • Intensive Media: 80 – 90 lbs/cf
  • Amended Topsoil Media: 95 – 100 lbs/CF