General Landscaping

General Landscaping

Utelite soil products have been specifically designed to promote deep rooting, well established plants that will require less money and time to maintain. Utelite soil products are delivered ready to use eliminating the need for additional amendments. Utelite soil products combine native, screened loamy topsoil with utelite soil conditioner and rich, organic compost to create landscape soils with optimum benefits and characteristics. These specially amended soils are in place at many well-known and notorious landscapes and gardens.

Utelite Root Zone Mix

Application: General Planting for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables; and Raised Gardens

Native loamy topsoil amended with utelite soil conditioner and organic compost that provides excellent results when planting new gardens or installing a new landscape.

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Utelite Planter Soil Mix

Application: Large Planters

Native topsoil blend designed specifically for large concrete containers or perimeter planters and raised gardens.

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A complete ready to plant in soil blend ideal for general planting areas. Gives the designer peace of mind knowing the soil is amended properly and will provide an optimum soil environment for plant establishment.


  • pH Range: 7 – 8
  • Texture: Sandy Loam
  • Water Retention: 25 – 45%
  • CEC: >30
  • Hydraulic Conductivity: 4 – 8 in/hr