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Utelite Lightweight Expanded Shale Aggregates

For over 50 years, Utelite Corporation has produced and supplied rotary-kiln, high strength, structural lightweight expanded shale aggregates (ESLA). Expanded shale lightweight aggregates offer exceptional performance and value in a world of applications.

Yuma MCAS F-35

Concrete Contractor: MRM Construction Services, Phoenix, AZ.
Concrete Supplier: Cemex USA, Yuma

In June of 2011, the first of many projects were awarded to contractors to begin construction on the infrastructure supporting the future F-35 B joint strike fighter base at the Marine Corps Airs Station (MCAS) Yuma, Arizona. The total project costs exceeded $350 million. Constructed from an advanced, high temperature concrete (HTC), designed with a … Continue reading “Yuma MCAS F-35”